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This week’s blog we got chatting to Graduate Madalina Bellariu about her career so far and how training has impacted it. Since training with us Madalina has appeared in The Young Pope alongside Jude Law, performed in the worldwide premier of ‘Gift of the Gab’ at White Bear Theatre, and popular soap Coronation Street. We delve deeper into what makes her tick and just how she conquers nerves.
How did you get into Acting?
It was actually by luck that I got the change to try acting when I was very young. In middle school, back in Romania my native country, our French teacher told us that she will organise a theatre play in French and she will present it to some festivals in the country… so, if some of us will be involved, as a compensation for our time she will give us the higher grade that year. When she asked who wants to get involved, my hands were immediately raised in the air ( I was hunting high grades in school Hahahah) . That was my first acting experience and I discovered back then that I love it and that I may be good at it. Obviously I became a full time trained actress much latter on, as first and foremost I had to satisfy my parents with my school getting completed, and with a “ proper” university diploma like they used to call it .
What has been the most challenging part of your acting career so far?
My challenging part was definitely when I decided to take the big step and move to London , alone , without my parents/relatives or friends .
You recently starred in the popular soap Coronation Street – how was that experience?
Oh yes, I know that it sounds unusual for a foreign actor with a foreign accent in English to be chosen to play a part in Coronation Street. I auditioned for this in Manchester, they were looking for someone who could look alike Michele Keegan … and at the audition there were mainly British girls to be honest , some of them auditioning for years for various parts . I was very happy when I got the news that I got the part, I shot in Manchester in June 2018 at their huge studios ITV .
Do you have a ritual to combat nerves?
Yes, what Law Ballard told us while at The Actors Temple : “ when you are nervous the only thing you need to do is to put your attention on the other person in front of you “. Her exact words keep sounding in my head whenever I am nervous.
What led you to train at The Actors Temple?
I heard about The Actors Temple from friends of mine . Back then, I was at a point in my career where I didn’t know exactly what exactly to use in my acting … so many tools I have learned from different schools / workshops. I felt back than that I haven’t found yet “my own way “ of applying what I learned and be confident with it . The Actors Temple is definitely the place where I found myself as a person and actress.
What was the biggest lesson you learnt during your training?
Many lessons, but with the risk that I may be repeating myself, I will say that: focusing the attention on the other actor is by far the biggest secret I keep using. Also I have to be open and let everything what the other person says or does to affect me. And of course, always make strong choices , be specific etc
If you weren’t an Actor/ Model, what alternate career would you have?
Probably psychologist . I love to understand and learn about people’s behaviour and people in generally. Acting gives me the opportunity to also live these behaviours fully. Therefore I am lucky to be an actress and to be able to do what I love .
What motivates you, when things get tough?
I don’t think they got tough for me.Not in acting. Everything is easy when you like what you do .. and when you are stuck with any exercise/preparation then look inside yourself and ask yourself how do you actually feel .. starting from a truthful place in order to discover what temporary blocks you.
If you could write a letter to your younger self, what would you say?
To doubt myself less . I keep telling that to myself every day even now …
What advice would you give to someone thinking about training with The Actors’ Temple? That they have to trust the journey… and to keep going , if the teachers are not letting you off the hook it’s the best thing , a gift . So thank to them for that .
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