Meisner changed my life…

Recent graduate Marta Fochs recently experienced her first professional acting role working on La Casa de Bernard Alba with Cervantes Theatre. Marta is a Spanish actor from Madrid where she trained with Cristina Rota. She moved to London 7 years ago where she trained at the Actor´s Temple, falling in love with Meisner Technique and reconciling with acting. We spoke to Marta about trusting your gut, Lady Macbeth and how Meisner changed her life….
Describe yourself in 3 words?
Passionate, sensitive and loyal.
Why did you choose to become an actor?
I didn’t choose, it was in me since I can remember, it´s what I always wanted, why? I can´t explain it with words.
Most challenging part of your training at Actors Temple?
The first three months of the second year, when we had to drop repetition and work on the impediments.
Who inspires you?
Anyone who follows her dreams, fight and get them without harming anyone in the path. (Yes,I said “her” because men always have it easier and is not as much inspiring)
You recently joined Cervantes theatre for their production of Bernard Alba, how was that experience?
It´s been an amazing and challenging experience, they called me 2 weeks before and I had just one week of rehearsals, I’m quite proud of myself on how I resolved and put up a character in such a little time with a successful outcome. I enjoyed every single second in the process and the performances.
If you could play any character- who would it be and why?
Lady Macbeth, because of the strength of the character, her ambition for power and how manipulative she is. Absolutely enjoyable!!
What motivates you?
The feeling I get when I´m on the stage and afterwards.
If you could write a letter to your younger self, what would you say?
I’d say trust your gut, don’t listen and care so much about what people say or think, trust your gut… Have I said trust your gut twice? No, actually 3 times.
If you weren’t an actor, what alternate career would you have?
I already have one, actors have to pay bills. If I could choose and were gifted Singer.
What advice would you give to someone thinking about training with The Actors’ Temple?
Go for it!
I had my concerns about make the commitment for two years, to go to class at least twice a week, since I already had a 4 year training long time ago. But fell absolutely in love with the technique and the community, Meisner changed my life. I’m a different person now, better.
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