by Paula Connolly

Paula, with the same cast of actors Bonnie Adair and Nicole Gaskell, with Law have been developing Scooter since January 2017. The actors have worked towards a rough draft and performed a scratch reading in front of Temple colleagues via our PlayWright PlayRead night.


With a unique and refreshingly unpretentious voice Paula’s writing has been supported, developed and nurtured via Create by an all female cast and creative team.  


Her talent has already been recognised and supported by Oval House Theatre, Extant Theatre and The Tim Gebbells Bursary.


We are proud to be platforming Scooter via a rehearsed reading at The Park 90 in December 2018. 


In addition, Law and Ellie as the Create team have helped Paula raise additional funds via Crowdfunder to specifically enable us to work with Extant Theatre to ensure the reading is accessible for partially sighted members of our audience.


‘I am most proud of the work I have done so far on Scooter; of having the courage to take a step into the unknown and realising I won't die because of it.’



Sammy and Jo are in a long term loving relationship. Life is good until an accident changes everything.  
Scooter is a refreshing take on our own individual struggles, how we deal with profound change and loss and hide from truths that are too hard to bear.

'In Scooter I talk about fear of a sexual relationship with someone who has a disability. I want to look at how we are afraid of our own intimacy with our emotional selves.’  Paula A Connolly.

Director: Law Ballard

Producer: Ellie Zeegen

CAST: Bonnie Adair, Law Ballard, Paula A Connolly, Nicole Gaskell and Ann Fianen

'You have something very special on your hands'

Josh Elliot, Communications and Development Coordinator, Extant Theatre

We have recently received the exciting news that Ovalhouse Theatre be hosting our Research and Development period for the project next month.  


In addition, Paula is honoured to have been granted the Tim Gebbels Bursary from Extant Theatre which will further support Scooter:

'Your legs don't work properly anymore. You have to use a wheelchair.  You charge around with an angry face all the time.  You won't let anyone in.  You push and push people away with your never-ending need for independence – or is it control?  It's like working with a porcupine, no not a porcupine a rattle snake that is going to attack at any second.'  

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