Cordelia Zafiropulo – Tutor

Cordelia is passionate about guiding students to find their voice and allowing them to step up and take personal leadership. Initially trained in Opera/Lied in Solo Voice at the Fondation Maria Callas, her background in performance gave her a deep understanding of the functional mechanisms of the voice, and led her to the world of personal development. Her work focuses on mentoring towards better impact, breath and public speaking, communication skills and emotional intelligence.

As an experienced voice and body language coach, Cordelia has worked with classical singers, people with vocal problems, breathing problems, actors in training, people with psychological issues around speaking up, as well as with people seeking deeper more authentic and aligned emotional expression. She has also run modules for well-known corporations such as E-on Energy, Deutsche Bank, Oracle Women’s Leadership and worked with executives from all kinds of ranks and backgrounds, as well as with high ranking politicians or people simply desiring to expand and grow their presence.

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