The Foundation Course

Fee: £425

The Foundation Course is open to anyone interested in pursuing the craft of acting and provides an in-depth introduction to the unique training offered at The Actors Temple. Open to actors of all levels and experiences, including those new to acting and professional working actors.

Our courses are the result of over 15 years of dedication to actor training. The main principle behind all our work is that great acting comes from the actors skill to be fully and ruthlessly in the present moment, but above all else – to trust their instincts. The exercises you will be introduced to on this course are designed to maximise your ability to do just this.​

The part-time course is made up of 2 structured Acting classes and extra optional ‘Workout’ classes each week. Workout classes include Voice/ Movement, RP Accent, US Accent, Cold Reading & Casting Practice. Our class sizes are strictly limited to 12 to ensure each students individual development.

Entry Requirements

There are no academic or vocational requirements for the foundation course and you do not need any acting or performing experience, just a curiosity to explore. The course is suitable for both aspiring and experienced actors alike, who are over the age of 18.

Content & Structure

The Intensive Foundation Course consists of 30 hours structured class time and you’ll also be entitled to extra Actors Workout classes.

The part-time Foundation Courses consists of 32 hours structured class time and you’ll also be entitled to extra Actors Workout classes.

The Foundation course delves into The Repetition Exercise which was initially developed by Sanford Meisner to train actors to ‘live truthfully’.

Throughout the course you will explore;

  • The difference between ‘showing’ feelings and really feeling them

  • How to access strong internal emotions

  • How to rid yourself of self-consciousness while being watched

  • Acting with spontaneity and instinct, moment to moment rather than from preconceived ideas.

  • Stepping outside of your habitual patterns and behaviours to look behind the ‘character’ you play in life

  • How to become a more interesting and dynamic actor, with a broader casting range

Alongside the craft of acting classes, students will also attend

Actors Workout Classes

In addition to structured acting classes, students can attend ‘Actor Workout’ classes during the course, including Voice & Movement, Accents, Cold Reading & Casting Practice. These classes run from 2 – 4hrs and are strictly limited in size.

Voice & Movement

We employ a holistic approach to fine tune the actors instruments; their voice and their body. We draw on a range of techniques, including Alexander & Linklater, to free actors of unnecessary tensions so that they can access their authentic voice and use it as desired for any given role or circumstance. These classes form an important aspect of our training and a weekly practice is encouraged to cultivate clear and open instruments. Please a remember to come dressed in comfortable clothing appropriate for a Voice & Movement class.

Cold Reading

Taking a scene off the page in a short time is an essential skill for any actor, whether in the audition room, in rehearsals or at a table read. This fun class will help you bring to life an unseen script, get it up on its feet and build your actors faith to work simply in the moment. Bring a short scene you haven’t worked on before or arrive early to borrow one from the Studio’s library.

RP & US Accent

Practice the most commonly requested accents; Received Pronunciation & Standard American! These sessions will encourage the confidence and skills needed to feel great about your English RP and US accent.

Casting Practice

These sessions allow you to practice in a mock audition environment. You will receive material on the day, so there is no need to prepare or learn scripts in advance, just turn up and be given the script & casting brief and go! You will have the opportunity to present yourself in the audition and also be on the other side of the audition process, watching others. This class has proven most useful when attended regularly, so feedback can be digested and worked on in subsequent sessions.


Our team of tutors are passionate about the craft of acting and dedicated to your growth as an actor. Each tutor is hand-picked for their extensive experience, ability and knowledge.


Upon completion of The Foundation Course, actors will receive a Certificate of completion and be entitled to discounted classes and workshops.

You will also have a reliable and dynamic tool to keep your acting spontaneous, engaged and truthful.

Foundation graduates are able to attend Repetition classes which run several times per week. Regular repetition practice enables you to continue following your impulses, improving your ability to connect and respond truthfully. Classes are lively, with a mix of abilities, meaning there is always an opportunity to go deeper.

As well as a full introduction to our work, The Foundation Course is a chance for us to mutually decide if further training with us is for you and if we can offer you a place on The Core Training. We will be taking into account the assimilation of the work, attitude, commitment and attendance throughout the Foundation. If you are interested in joining The Core Training, please get in touch via

Free Consultation

If you would like to find out more about The Foundation Course and whether it is the right course for you, you can book a meeting or a telephone call with one of our team. We can offer you a detailed explanation about topics covered on the course, the acting skills you can expect to develop, and answer any questions you might have before signing up. Email  directly to organise your free consultation.

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