The Meisner acting training at the Actor’s Temple has been a great experience and has given me confidence in my own acting ability. It’s main focus is to encourage us all to be authentic on stage and really engage fully with other actors which is not only better to watch but also much more fun than ever pretending to feel a certain way! It gave me a solid base and technique that I can rely on for any character and makes me really look forward to taking on a new part rather than worrying if I’ll be any good! Also the Actor’s Temple actively encourages people who have trained or are training there to come back to do scenes, monologues, improvisations or create our own work- its a community as much as a place to train. Its different- that’s why I like it!

Nick Skaugen

An amazing course with excellent tutors. The Meisner technique was my first introduction to acting – it’s deep, challenging and wonderfully rewarding. The first thing I realized was how much I get in the way of myself so a lot of the work is about learning to get out of the way, learning to let go, learning to listen. It’s fun but intense!

Justin G. Gibson – Actor

Blew away all my previous training & made me a complete & confident actor. Amazing!

Stephen Christos – Actor

I would highly recommend The Actors Temple for any serious actors who want to work on there craft and become the best actors they can be. One of the most challenging experiences of my life and most powerful.It has changed the way I look at acting and inspired me. I am very greatful for my experience there.

Zander Hodgeson – Actor

An intensive course which although covering only the basics of this technique gave me the key to unlocking my true self, and thus become a better actor. A life-changing experience!

Claudie Nedelec – Actor

An amazing place to push the boundaries of what being an actor means to me. I’ve learnt in a free and safe environment where you’re given the tools you need to become better at your craft. Never come away from a class without having learnt something about myself

Sam Landon Actor

This course was incredible. Despite having coaching in the past this course tested me in ways I never even realised I had placed blockages
Kate Braithwaite – Actor – Gravity & Self Made

Excellent training provided for actors wanting to develop their skills further and for those just starting out. The intensity of the course helps the student to develop their skills to equip them for roles that they may have not previously been considered for.The training at the Actors Temple, enables the actor to develop fully all skills needed work effectively in all areas of the acting industry.
Godiva Marshall – Actor – Gravity & Self Made

The acting training at the Actor’s Temple allowed me to put together all the elements that I discovered in my previous acting training and to make a sense out of it. It was an enriching, empowering and fulfilling experience.

Laura Nest – Actor

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