The Core Training

he Core Training is a transformative part-time acting course, inspired by the principles of The Meisner Technique. Over 12 months, actors are introduced to progressively complex and sophisticated improvisational exercises.

  • Exploring the power of your imagination and the ability to craft dynamic and purposeful ‘circumstances’ that allow you to act without effort and tension.

  • To fully surrender to all parts of yourself so that you can go deeper into what it means to be free and truthful on stage, set… and in life.

  • To become impulsive and spontaneous actors, adept at improvisation and confident working in any working scenario, audition or rehearsal process.

  • To explore scene-work in a way that is free from the constraints of ‘ideas’ or concerns about ‘text’

Actors suffer from having their attention on themselves. In this state, they wait for cues, plan their responses, push for emotion and indicate. Our training aims to alleviate these issues so actors develop an ability to express themselves responsively to their imagination, other actors and the demands of text.

The Core Training also includes extensive Voice and Movement training to support the free use of the actors instrument.

By the end of the Core training actors will possess a reliable and fulfilling way of acting fearlessly with ease, depth and clarity that will prepare you for life as a professional working actor and our Advanced Training.

Students must have completed The Foundation Course to apply for The Core Training.

Dates & Fees

The Core Training lasts for approximately 12 months and consists of 6 x 6 week terms. Acting classes run twice per week for up to 4 hours each. Voice/ Movement classes run once per week for 2 hours. There are breaks of approximately 2 weeks between each term. Full Term dates are available upon request.

For Course Prices, please contact us either by phone – 020 3004 4537 or email –

Entry Requirements

To join the core training students must have completed The Foundation Course. We do not require previous acting credits or that students attend an audition. However, we do assess all students during The Foundation Course to ensure we mutually feel this training is for you. Students are expected to be seriously committed to learning the craft of acting and actively wanting to pursue a career in acting.

Content & Structure

12 Months | 6 terms | 6 weeks | 4 Classes per week. Full dates of the next Core Training are available upon request.

Acting Classes: The first year combines improvisational exercises and scripts to guide you towards a full realisation of your acting ‘instrument’. The structure over the 6 terms is fluid. Actors will learn how to move from simple Repetition to Improvisation through the introduction of Independent Activities and Imaginary circumstances. You will learn how to craft inspiring, motivating and engaging circumstances that allow you to deeply connect with your inner emotional life on stage. We will build upon this, with the introduction of the ‘knock at the door’, exploring the dreaded ‘entrance’ and how to prepare emotionally and mentally so you can respond from instinct rather than ‘ideas’. You will learn how to use your imagination specifically and purposefully to enable you to immerse yourself in a ‘scene’ with complete faith. Increasingly complex relationships exercises will serve to deepen your ability to create the illusion of complex relationships, engage with your partner and imagination. Students will gradually drop repetition in favour of impulsive responding, creating realistic dialogue invaluable for script development and rehearsal processes. The introduction of Emotional Preparation will teach you to prepare internally for any scene or improvisation. You will apply everything you have learnt to a second round of more complex scene work. Bringing the scene to performance standard and finishing the course with Open Classes; an opportunity to invite people to observe your work.

Voice & Movement Classes: We employ a holistic approach to fine tune the actors instruments; their voice and their body. We draw on a range of techniques, including Alexander & Linklater, to free actors of unnecessary tensions so that they can access their authentic voice and use it as desired for any given role or circumstance. These classes form an important aspect of our training and all actors must engage in a weekly practice to cultivate clear and open instruments. Please a remember to come dressed in comfortable clothing appropriate for a Voice & Movement class.

Students also benefit from:

  • Inclusion on our online graduate database for industry professionals seeking trained actors
  • Studio hire for rehearsals and private practice @ £10ph
  • An experienced student mentor to help provide additional guidance and support
  • Discounted workshops
  • Several Open Class opportunities in front of an invited audience.


Our team of tutors are all creative individuals with a passion for the craft of acting and dedicated to your growth as an actor. Each tutor is hand-picked for their extensive experience, ability and knowledge and attends ongoing training sessions.


Actors at the end of Core Training have:

  • A strong sense of ‘who they are’ and the emotional life within them
  • An ability to put their full attention on other actors in the scene, to listen and respond genuinely to their partner’s behaviour.
  • An ability to bring deep and honest emotions to the scene and find them through their own imaginary circumstances – which run parallel to the scene.
  • An ability to create a clear objective/want that will guide them naturally and instinctively through a scene.
  • A developed imagination which can invent personal justifications to do anything the script or director calls on them to do.
  • A mature sense of truth and a sound ability to live truthfully in an imaginary situation.
  • The ability to promote spontaneous behaviour from within themselves and act off their genuine impulses. They have developed their sensitivity to the point where they respond to their partner’s behaviour and always work with their genuine feelings.

Upon completion of The Core Training, actors will receive a Certificate of Completion and be entitled to discounted classes and workshops. Student may also wish to apply for The Advanced Training.

Free Consultation

To find out more about The Core Training and whether it is the right course for you, you can book a meeting or a telephone call with team, who can offer you a detailed explanation about course content, structure, fees and answer any questions you might have before signing up. Email directly to organise your free consultation.

For further information or to book contact us here.

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